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Digital wallet

Going digital

Paying for services on Growtopia websites and apps used to be hard and time consuming. GrowStocks Pay makes this a thing of the past! You can now store some of your World Locks in your secure online wallet and use them to pay for services on GrowStocks and partner websites, or send and receive World Locks to your friends in a matter of seconds. All of that fully free of charge!

Built-in security

Safety-first approach

GrowStocks employs cutting edge technologies and techniques to keep your deposits safe both on-site and in-game. Forget about getting hacked, you can now store some of your wealth in your GrowStocks Pay wallet to mitigate the losses in the event your Growtopia account gets hacked!

Trusted organisation

Backed by a trusted organisation

GrowStocks was founded in 2018 to serve Growtopians and their online needs. Since then, we've been growing and serving you even further in more and more domains! GrowStocks Pay currently holds thousands of World Locks in deposits from thousands of Growtopians using GrowStocks Pay daily to simplify their lives.


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Check out with brands you love

GrowStocks Pay makes online World Lock payments as easy as paying with a credit card. You can now buy Growtopia services on websites you love just by using your online wallet to save time and get to what you want faster!

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Pay and get paid hassle-free

There was a time when you needed a Donation Box to receive World Locks from your friends. Isn't that so old school? You can now send World Locks to your friends or receive World Locks from them in a matter of seconds, fully free of charge, all while keeping a history of the transactions you did for easier accounting!

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Safeguard your World Locks

Your wallet's safety is our utmost priority. Every day we are hard at work to make sure the World Locks you store with us are both safe and available to you whenever you need them. This is why we've come up with industry-leading cutting-edge techniques and technologies to make sure your World Locks stay safe where they are. Your risk of losing your World Locks with us is as slim as your chance of dying in a plane crash, near zero!

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